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We help small businesses around the world thrive.

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Our custom-developed five step process is how we deliver high value strategic planning software services at significantly low costs.

By incorporating the latest and widely used analytical tools into our strategic planning software – StratPlan, we provide small businesses worldwide with a business growth plan that is realistic, meaningful and achievable.

We provide the tools, strategic planning process, knowledge and expertise to help small businesses craft strategic business plans that will help your business grow and realize its full potential.

About Global Business Consultants

Global Business Consultants are the business strategists and industry experts in helping businesses, like yours, grow and unlock its true potential. Our knowledge and skills incorporated into our custom-developed, patent-pending software tool – StratPlan, allows you to develop realistic, meaningful and achievable strategic plans.

We’re business administration experts, engineers, lawyers, finance specialists, designers, programmers, marketers, parents, hard-workers, and just a bunch of ordinary people wanting to make a difference. Our headquarters is in Perth, but our lead team and partners live and work all around the world. With such a diverse team, we have brought a remarkably unique perspective to strategic planning in ways that are realistic and actually works practically.

Our purpose shares the critical key to unlocking and fulfilling the true potential of any business. We provide leading and distinctive strategic planning services in our custom-developed strategic planning software tool, creating high value strategic plans for small, medium and large organisations at significantly low costs.

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About our founder

Sam Lee is the founder of Global Business Consultants. Sam is a master of business, engineering & science. Sam has been crafting strategic plans and helping businesses grow and unlock their true potential for many years, and is highly focused on customer service excellence. Sam is best described as a leader, motivator, and strategist with a passion for people and business. Sam is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for Global Business Consultants. He leads the design of Global Business Consultants’ services and development of its core product – StratPlan.

Sam studied engineering at the University of Portsmouth before moving to Australia and completing an MBA at the Australian Institute of Business. At the Australian Institute of Business is where he was inspired to bring strategic planning to any business in any industry. It is where Global Business Consultants was founded.

Our mission – Our values

Our mission is to globally empower businesses of all sizes, and across any industry, enabling them to grow and unlock their full potential through our expert strategic planning services. Global Business Consultants undertakes its business with the utmost respect for our People & Partners, with uncompromising integrity, unquestioned trust and honesty. We embrace and drive change to deliver perpetual value to our Customers.

About our Partners: Thinking globally but
acting locally

We have partnered with strategic planning experts around the globe to bring expert strategic planning services to all types and sizes of companies. By partnering with planning professionals around the world, we extended our global reach tenfold. Through our rigorous due diligence processes and policies, we are able to bring expert and highly credible strategic planning professionals to help you, anywhere in the world. We are truly a global business committed to serving you the highest quality strategic planning services.

Through our partners, we can Think Global & Act Local.

If you are a strategic planning professional or interested in helping businesses grow & unlock their true potential through strategic planning, then check out our partner page for more details.

If you are a business owner, manager, CEO or you are responsible for strategic planning in your business and would like to get in touch with a GBC Partner to help you craft a strategic plan, simply drop us an email and we’ll get back to you within a day.

Simple and practical: A bit more about us

“If you cannot explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” – Albert Einstein


Inspired by the great man himself, every feature, every principle, every strategic planning analytical tool, and every generic strategy had to fight for its place in our strategic planning software tool and our strategic planning framework.

We are great believers in keeping things simple. We wanted to make strategic planning simple for our customers, so we innovated, deliberated, discussed and fought, and it paid off. Okay we didn’t actually fight, but you get the idea. Because of this philosophy, we can offer high quality, high quantity strategic planning with a spirited service at a significantly low cost. We did not stop there, our company, our publications, and our products followed the same line. We keep costs as low as possible by only doing things that are absolutely necessary. We mean, absolutely necessary, only when it hurts do we include anything.


We understand business, we understand strategic planning, and we understand how to grow & unlock the true potential of any business.

Breaking the rules: Who said strategic planning is only for big companies?

Challenging the status quo is fundamental to how we do business. People who said that strategic planning is too expensive and it is only for large organisations, have just been proven wrong.

We have been providing strategic planning services to organisations for many, many years. We replicated our business model, standardised it, and offered it for free to strategic planning people around the world. By helping these fantastic people, whom we now call Partners, to earn an honest living and have a rewarding career, we can offer high value strategic planning at significantly low costs. By incorporating our expert knowledge and cutting-edge software development skills into our strategic planning software tool, we have brought strategic planning to small, medium and large businesses at a significantly low cost.

Always serving you

If you have a general question about us, our service or our products, simply drop us an email and we’ll get back to you within a day. If you are an existing customer, and want to talk to someone, drop an email to support and we’ll get back to you right away.

You can also follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. We love sharing insights with the world so follow us and check out our blog.

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