Your 4-Day Strategic Planning Event For A Stronger Business

Learn how GBC clients discovered $500,000 to 50 million in revenue growth.

For four days, we will guide your leadership team using our StratPlan process to:

  • Discover your greatest growth opportunities and what is holding you back from achieving them
  • Uncover the important things to work on right now to grow your business
  • Develop your Vision and Action Plan

Plus, we will help you to:

  • Consistently hitting your revenue and profit targets with customer service excellence
  • Achieve the highest levels of quality communication enhancing productivity at every level
  • Ensure your entire team is pulling in the same direction towards common goals
  • Proactively lead and solve problems…not be reactive to them
  • Achieve company-wide transformation through team buy-in to the overall company Vision

A business that surpasses monthly growth goals without the noise and confusion is a business whose leadership team and workforce is completely bought in to what you’re trying to accomplish. There is absolute clarity on company vision. By the end of the program you will:

  • Have a clear plan to move forward.
  • Avoid task saturation and being overwhelmed giving you time and confidence to work on your business…not in it.
  • Be proactive in your decision making and leadership…not reactive.
  • Be content with your business survival and growth with zero frustration in leadership.
  • Improve work-life balance – your business struggles will be a thing of the past and no longer bleed over into your personal life.

Delivery Method

Online Webinar: Three two hour sessions

Live: 1 full day event

Support Mentoring, review and critiquing: Monthly individual sessions 3 months

Real change only happens when you take action.

Move from stuck in stagnant business growth, frustration, and lack of work-life balance, to complete clarity on your Vision, increased revenues, and a unified and focused team.

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The 4-Days In The 50+ Year History Of Our Organization.

StratPlan truly set us on a companywide transformation, both culturally and profitability. Our team has never been and our finances are easily expected to double in the next 12 months with confident escalation. This was the best 3 and half days in the 50+ year history of our organization.

Bill Fischer

President, Vilimia and Fantom Materials.

Worth Much More Than What We Paid For It..

We absolutely loved the StratPlan process and the fact that we got the StratPlan software implemented in our business makes tracking and monitoring easy. I have been through many business improvement type forums and this was clearly by far the best. The analysis is thorough and actionable items are clear and alignment to our company objectives.

Jim Sheppard

Principal, Generis.

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