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How to create a new plan and set your overall company direction.

StratPlan allows you to create as many strategic plans as you want and gives you
complete control to set the overall vision, mission, values and objectives for your company.

How to assess what you can’t control.

StratPlan enables easy assessment of your company’s external operating environment, so that you can understand the external, uncontrollable forces which are impacting your business.

How to assess what you can control.

Each strategic plan has a set of factors to choose from that helps you understand your internal business environment.

How to select strategies, create tasks and projects, select teams and set priorities.

In a busy work environment, it’s easy to lose track of things. Use StratPlan to assign daily tasks and
align them to strategic objectives, set priorities for team members and track progress.

How to update task statuses, monitor & track performance.

Keeping management informed, ensuring your workforce is delivering on the overall strategy of the company can be stressful. StratPlan’s monitoring dashboard is an easy way to communicate and track progress.

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Close the gaps between strategy and daily tasks easily.

  • Strategic planning
  • Company strategy mapping
  • Competitor analysis
  • Task management
  • Project management
  • Monitoring and tracking