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When it comes to navigating uncertainty, a SWOT analysis is a crucial first step. It’s an important step for businesses and organizations to gain insights into their internal and external core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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Strengths and Competitive Assets :

Competencies that are well matched to industry key success factors.
Ample financial resources to grow the business.
Strong brand-name image and/or company reputation.
Economies of scale and/or learning and experience curve advantages over rivals.
Cost advantages over rivals.
Attractive customer base
Proprietary technology, superior technological skills, important patents.
Strong bargaining power over buyers.
Strong bargaining power over suppliers.
Resources and capabilities that are valuable and rare.
Resources and capabilities that are hard to copy and for which there are no substitutes.
Superior product quality.
Wide geographic coverage and/or strong global distribution capability.
Alliances/Joint Ventures that provide access to valuable technology, competencies, and/or Attractive geographic markets.
Our core strength lies in the power of our team; our workforce. We have team of creative, result driven and highly proficient digital marketing expert, a team with excellent qualifications and experience various niche areas in the digital marketing agencies industry and other related industry.

Weaknesses and Competitive Deficiencies :

No clear strategic vision.
No well-developed or proven care competencies.
No distinctive competencies or competitively superior resources.
Lack of attention to customer needs.
A product/service with features and attributes that are inferior to those of rivals.
Weak balance sheet, short on financial resources to grow the firm, too much debt
Higher overall unit costs relative to those of key competitors.
Too narrow a product line relative to rivals.
Weak brand image or reputation.
Weaker dealer network than key rivals and/or lack of adequate distribution capability.
Lack of management depth.
Plagued with internal operating problems or obsolete facilities.
Too much under-utilized plant capacity.
Resources that are readily copied or for which there are good substitutes.
May not have the required cash to inject into promoting our business especially via main stream media (TV, Radio and Newspapers etc) the way we would want to.

Market Opportunities :

Sharply rising buyer demand for the industry’s product/services.
Serving additional/new customer groups or market segments.
Expanding into new geographic markets.
Expanding your company’s product line to meet a broader range of company needs.
Utilizing existing company skills or technology know-how to enter new product lines or new businesses.
Failing trade barriers in attractive foreign markets
Acquiring rival companies with attractive customer base or technological expertise or capabilities.
Entering into Alliances or Joint Ventures to expand your company’s market coverage or boost its competitive capability.
Providing small and medium businesses with holistic strategic planning services e.g. Using Start Plan to craft a holistic strategic plan which includes digital marketing activities for our clients.
Considering the number of individuals and corporate organizations with active presence on the internet and of course the pretty large numbers of people who visit the internet/social media platforms on a daily basis and own mobile phones/smart phones and other related gadgets.

External Threats to Your Company’s Future Profitibiity :

Increasing Intensity of competition among industry rivals may squeeze profit margins.
Any substantial slowdowns in market growth.
Likely entry of potential new competitors.
Growing bargaining power of customers and suppliers.
A shift in buyer needs and tastes away from your industry’s product/service.
Adverse demographic changes that threaten to curtail demand for your industry’s product/service
Adverse economic conditions that threaten the operations of your critical suppliers or distributors.
Changes in technology particularly disruptive technology that can undermine your company’s distinctive competencies.
Restrictive foreign trade policies.
Costly new regulatory requirements.
Tight credit conditions.
Rising prices on energy or other key resources e.g. water, iron ore etc.