Attention Business Owners, Managers, and CEOs
Global Business Consultants & Partners Training Courses

Training 1

Designed for Business Owners, Managers and CEOs who want to grow their business faster using innovative tools and methods.

Our innovative training is provide a variety of ways.

  • Modular Training
  • Multi Module Integrated Training
  • Combined raining and Mentoring

Modular Training

Delivered as standalone content for a specific topic, either online via webinar or in-house.

Multi Module Integrated Training

Several topics are delivered sequentially and integrated to guide professionals through building the skills they require to grow their business, e.g. assessing the attractiveness of your industry, understanding the internal strengths of your business environments, conversion strategies and effective team management.

Note: It is important to have your positioning set before starting on the other skills required to grow and scale your business successfully.

Combined Training and Mentoring

Statistically, only 7% of all knowledge gained in seminars is ever used in practice. Global Business Consultants training programs will include follow up mentoring to not only ensure the training is implemented, but also fast track each client’s results.

Global Business Consultants & Partners Training Programs:

  • Strategy and Strategic Management: An overview

    Take the lead in charting the course of your business growth. Designed to gain advantage over competitors. Click here to find out more

Training 2

  • Crafting and Executing Strategy: The managerial process

    Learn the 5 phases of crafting and executing strategy. Designed to deliver business sustainability and growth. Click here to find out more

Training 2

  • Analysing a Company’s External Environment

    Learn how to evaluate what you can’t control. Designed to increase the chances of business survival and plan for uncertainty. Click here to find out more

Training 2

  • Analysing a Company’s Resources and Competitiveness

    Learn how to evaluate what you can control in a resource-based method. Designed to identify and take advantage of competitive resources. Click here to find out more

Training 2

  • The Five Generic Competitive Strategies

    Learn about the strategic options available to a business in terms of products and market coverage. Designed to strengthen your ability to take into account the strategic capability of your business and the expectations of stakeholders. Click here to find out more

Training 2

  • Your 4-Day Strategic Planning Event For A Stronger Business

    Learn how GBC clients discovered $500,000 to 50 million in revenue growth. Click here to find out more

Here are just some of the results from people who have implemented these strategies


Matt McGuire
Hip to Toe Functional Podiatry

The results we have had over the last 7 months is phenomenal. We have doubled our intake of clients…. Anyone who wants to increase their clients, speak to GBC.


Kate Prior
Face to Face Recruitment

We used to have 20 candidates per month through our website monthly previously. Adding the video content onto our website we are getting 160 resumes per month. That’s an increase of 800%.