Michael Hay | 3 min read | April 7th, 2021


If you are a Small Business Owner, then you are probably interested in knowing why some small businesses succeed while others don’t. We interviewed over 250 small business owners and here are the top 4 reasons why small businesses succeed. These 4 reasons have consistently presented itself in over 250 interviews. The following reasons are the main hidden gems that could lead you to small business success as they have for so many other small business owners.


1.     Business Owners develop personal characteristics and traits that exhibit themselves in their businesses:

Over long periods of time, business owners develop personal characteristics and traits that exhibit them in their business. The main reason that personal characteristics and traits exhibit themselves in small businesses, is that people generally build a business around doing what they love. The reality is – if you don’t love what you do, you won’t find those fundamental tasks to be easy. Because building a business demands a lot of time and effort, which anyone can only put in if you have a passion for the product or service. If not, then you will struggle to do what needs to be done to achieve success. Having a passion for anything, even the smallest of things, could lead to building a successful small business with it. So in summary, the first reason why small businesses are successful is that the owners do what they love. This also gives them the motivation to keep on doing their best for better success.


2.     Strategic Business Plan to describe the business concept, mission, and philosophy:

Another reason why small businesses are successful is that the owners have an on-point strategic business plan that describes the business concept, mission, and philosophy. If you want to build your own small business, keep in mind what you want to achieve, how you are going to achieve it, and what is your playbook for success. If all these things are set, you can establish a solid strategic business plan for guaranteed small business success. Most small business owners invest in strategic planning software for this purpose. If you have this software, you should start working on your ideas and build your own small business for success.


3.     Develop an Organizational Structure that functions efficiently:

One of the most important reasons why some small businesses are more successful is that they develop an organizational structure that functions efficiently. If you are looking for ways to make your small business survive and grow, try developing an effective organizational structure. All you need to do is, develop an organizational structure that works efficiently by integrating the various aspects of your value/supply chain. There are four different types of organizational structures, and you should try to use all of them in your business. A tip you will need and is essential to small business success, is that communication is the key. If you don’t communicate with your staff regularly, efficiently and clearly – they will undoubtedly not understand the business operations, processes and blueprint for success, and this may lead to critical problems in your small business.


4.     Core Operational Support Systems:

The fourth reason why some small businesses are more successful is that they have an Operational Support System. It is a computer system used to manage the network. If you want to have a successful small business, try using an operational support system including marketing automation software and task management software. It helps to manage, monitor, control, and analyze your network to a network provider or service provider.

The overarching reason for small business success is clearly, a blueprint for doing business wrapped in the personal characteristics and traits of the small business owner. Effective and regular strategic business planning and automation of time-consuming functions including marketing are must-haves for every small business looking to survive and grow. If you want your small business to succeed like other small businesses, try following the above-mentioned tips and tricks in the four reasons. You will see how rapidly your small business can succeed. Like the 250 small business owners interviewed, you too can be a small business success story.

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