Analysing a Company’s Resources and Competitiveness

This course with teach you how to identify and take advantage of competitive resources to scale a business to the next level.

Learn how to:

  • Identify competitive advantage derived from the distinctiveness of a company’s capability
  • Use competitive resources advantage to achieve extraordinary profits
  • Distinctiveness of Resources and Competences for business survival and prosperity

Plus, learn about:

  • Threshold capabilities that are essential to compete in a given market
  • Changing threshold levels such as Critical Success Factors, New Entrants and Competitor Activity
  • Trade-offs to achieve threshold capability for different customers

60% of businesses achieve extraordinary profits compared with others in the same industry. By the end of the program you will:

  • Have the skills and the templates to thoroughly examine the distinct resources and capabilities that can deliver extraordinary profits.
  • Have the training and templates to be able to clearly articulate the Critical Success Factors, New Entrants and Competitor activity required in an industry to be successful.
  • Have the tools and techniques to identify and capitalise on capabilities for sustainable competitive advantage
  • Have the templates and tools to benchmark strategic capability.

Delivery Method

Online Webinar: Three two hour sessions

Live: 1 full day event

Support Mentoring, review and critiquing: Monthly individual sessions 3 months

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