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What is Your PASSION
And Your Purpose in Life?
IT’s Your WHY that Matters!


We are ALL A Work in Progress, Aren’t We?
What is IT that Inspires and Motivates You?

“In Development” and “Under Construction”
could be descriptions of the human race,
as we let our fingers do the walking,
as we seek our destiny, each day,
into another tomorrow.


IF You Found The Way
To Raise The Money For IT,
What Would YOU DO Each Day
For Your Now and Your Tomorrow?

Would You Become An Established Business Entrepreneur, A Well Known Publisher, A Revolutionary Author, An Inspirational Composer, and A Motivational Speaker?

Would you expound upon your thoughts before an admiring audience, awaiting with bated breath your next utterance? Maybe you’ve witnessed that unique individual, who just seemed to HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER and you thought to yourself, “I could do that,” but, did you?

Maybe you have a Bestselling Novel, halfway written, tucked snugly away for safekeeping?

Do you have a Song in Your Heart, not yet produced, to share IT with others?

When will you get around to doing IT? What is The Key to Your Success?

Aren’t those The REAL Questions, deserving Your REAL Answers?





Your Dream, Your Goal, and Your Vision Can Be Achieved

As a man (woman) thinks, so is he (she.)

Would you be closer to achieving
what you see,
If you believed IT to be possible, and
If you had More Funds
To actually start to DO IT?

If you know that is true,
maybe that’s why you found this information.

Just think about this for a moment,
As an illustration of the power of your thinking…

Are You Empowered with A Victim Mentality? This might seem like an obvious question, but, is IT?

There are some impoverished and underprivileged people who let their lives pass them by for years. That’s until they Get Out of that state of mind, leading them into the Way Out of that state of living. Aside from social, political, and economic differences, I’m just trying to illustrate that the two thoughts of empowering and victimizing cannot exist together because one overtakes the other. IT’s much like faith and fear. Faith cannot have any power within you while you are overridden with fear.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen.

What is in your mind’s eye can be made plain, displayed tangibly, as in materialized, beyond any shadow of doubt, if only you first believed and actually kept pressing on, more and more, in that direction until it appeared within your reality.

The faith walk moves your feet forward with your mind, your heart, and your speech, completely engaged and in harmony, according to what you clearly envision for yourself.

The faith principle can be applied to every aspect of who you think and say you are, who you believe you are, and that leads into who you ACTUALLY become. Your thinking and your words about yourself are The Most Powerful Influences You Have, Over Yourself, to Step a Certain Direction in Faith to have what previously was impossible Become Your Possible.



Home is Where
Your Heart Is.

Home is When You DO
What You are Called to DO.

Isn’t IT Time to Be You and Go Home?

We are here for you to help you Work IT, Build IT, and Fund IT.

But, you might say… What is “IT?”

With ASAP NOW’s terminology, “IT” means Info Tech, Information Technology, or I T. For you, IT can be Your Business, Your Passion in Life, even Your Company. Then, you can Build IT Up from the ground, upwards. That is what You Choose to DO, especially by being FULLY FUNDED.

IT’s an effective plan and a direct path to Just DO IT, rather than letting time and life pass you by, without doing IT. A quitter never wins and a winner never quits. Who wins without attempting to gain the victory for IT? What about winning and not giving up on What is Most Important To YOU?

IT’s a Joy to DO
What You Most Enjoy
Each Day, Isn’t IT?

Then, Let’s JUST DO IT!

We will help you every step of the way.



Where There is a Will, There is a Way, Isn’t There?

Welcome to being self-employed, creating your own job, and funding your life’s work.

Do what YOU LOVE through your own company or ministry.

Maybe you are already there yourself. Only you know the answer for you. These courageous individuals would rather spend most of their waking hours working, planning, and pursuing their greatest passions in life. I’ve described IT as being “Project Oriented.” Call IT whatever you would like, but I’m one of them. Are you?

Wouldn’t you rather JUST DO IT, meaning, be YOU in your character usually, encompassed in something you enjoy, and engaged in what energizes and ignites you, Most of Your Time? That is your time well spent and with a distinct purpose.



Write Down Your Vision and Watch IT Happen

Every great accomplishment started with a thought, but,
there was also a plan to actually achieve IT.
Write down what you picture, as yours, speak about IT,
and take specific steps to get IT.Be careful of what you want,
because you just might get IT!Are you saving money so your children can play the piano at a recital, sing in the choir at church, travel to sports events as an All Star player?Isn’t that the beginning of more advanced achievements like designing a robot for a science project, taking apart and assembling computers for fun, and writing the next software code that might make millions one day in their futures ?Is there anything you’ve put off for years because of money, like buying another vehicle, purchasing a new residence, and investing in corporate stocks?

Your own creative energy and belief in IT, starts you in the right direction to actually materialize what you have seen and envisioned. Watch yourself walking straight into IT, as a dart hits the bull’s eye of a target on the wall, seemingly effortlessly!



What’s in IT for YOU?

Your Passion & Your Why
Are A Most Favorite Topic of Conversation.

Please tell me. I’d love to hear IT!
IT’s All about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS…We will be glad to give you the necessary gear for your quest to reach your summit.Our funding sources provide credit lines with great terms to later secure business loans, even if you’ve been denied at your bank in previous attempts. We know, IT’s worth your time and your investment in YOU and your family to find a way towards fulfilling IT in your life.


How Do We Help You
Fund IT?

Your Own Business Credit
Is Your Key to Your FUNDS!

Through our help, gain approvals, even if you don’t have cash flow, no assets to use as collateral, if you are a startup company, or have less than desirable personal credit. Even if you’ve not ever been in business, this avenue is a must-have for anyone wanting to be funded, as soon as possible. Some of our clients get funded in 72 hours or less through low interest credit lines and long term loans.

Your personal credit is NOT what matters at all! That’s right. It’s like having another line of credit, aside from your personal credit profile. It’s another form of credit for your company’s EIN or Employer Identification Number. That kind of credit is NOT linked to you and your personal credit history at all.

We will share with you how to find the money. Every great idea deserves a chance to come to fruition.

There are certain stores and vendors that cater to business credit with higher limits. It’s actually easier for you to secure more funds for business use.  Find out how to get fleet and cash credit in the name of your company. Gain higher balances of credit without a personal credit check or any personal guarantee. Believe me, it will become your PEACE OF MIND for now and your future ambitions.




Build Business Credit, Get Business Financing, and GET FULLY FUNDED ASAP.
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