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Quite correctly classified as a small business practice ourselves, at BoMi we are inspired big things that are achieved with small steps.

In particular at this stage, we completely subscribe to the vision that “ultimately, the economy of our country will be sustained by small businesses..” It is therefore our personal mission to make this vision a reality, by supporting businesses achieve their maximum potential. We specifically target to work with businesses which we will look back at in the future and proudly say that “we laid that stone”.

As BoMi, we are not just an ordinary accounting practice/ firm, providing traditional compliances services – we go beyond this and add value by offering an opportunity to grow your business . We use the accounting and other information to plan, analyse, and improve the financial performance of your business, managing risks in a manner that is sustainable.

Our business growth system involves analysis and strategies proven and tested by leading business growth experts who are highly regarded in the world. We assess your business specifically to identify its unique circumstances, and based on that – we develop business growth strategies that speak directly to your unique environment. And the results are a guaranteed improvement to your profits

We also collaborate with selected larger firms in areas such as sharing of resources as quality assurance processes. This allows us to give our client, the experience and solutions of a medium sized firm, and peace of mind in the knowledge that we will always be available to them.

We aim and build a long-term, personal relationship, based on trust and communication with business owners. We understand the complexities that trust is not easy to obtain and therefore take on this challenge. Our customers should experience our values of Integrity, Competence, and Empathy in all their dealings with us.

Whether you want expert guidance (advice and handholding), or someone to work with or completely outsource any elements of your business financial and performance management, BoMi is at your service.

Because we understand that ”..Small Business isn’t for the faint-heated. It is for the brave, the patient, and the persistent – its for the overcomer..” – this makes us look forward to working with your business.

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