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BusinessXL’s goal is to help entrepreneurs give value to their vision by working with them to increase the growth, profitability and cash flow of their businesses.


You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across many industries and I can tell you it’s easy to take a good business and make it great.

What it takes is a shift in your mindset, you must believe it’s possible AND that you can do it. Once that is done, I can show you step-by-step how to increase sales 50 to 100% in the next 12 to 24 months.

I don’t use a coaching template, like most cookie-cutter life and business coaches. I use proven, tried and tested coaching and mentoring methodologies that are adapted to you, your company, industry and situational context.

You can have a look at my blogs, that reveal what Exponential Mindset Thinking is all about.

If you’re ready to make a change right now, contact us and we’ll explain how we will work with you, hand-in-hand to get you the kind of results that will shift you…


Business Growth & Development

With a view to improving the client’s business we focus on achieving one or more of the following objectives:

  • increase revenue
  • improve productivity
  • reduce costs
  • increase asset utilisation

Marketing, Sales & Buying Customers

Do you see marketing and advertising as an expense?

Do your efforts really generate more business for your company?

Do you know how much profit every new customer adds to your company’s bottom-line?

We work towards the answers to the above questions together.

Strategy Collaboration

Here we specifically refer to strategy collaboration as opposed to strategy facilitation. With strategy collaboration, we not only bring additional skills, resources and experience to assist with creating the strategy, but also help the client with the implementation thereof. Strategic alliance partners are often included in this process. Strategy collaboration has 3 stages:

  • Stage 1:  Preparation and fact finding. The business and business environment are analysed to identify trends, needs, threats and opportunities so that the correct strategic decisions are taken.
  • Stage 2:  Strategy formulation, the identification of goals and the prioritisation thereof.
  • Stage 3:  Implementation of the agreed goals. Monitoring the impact of the changes, reviewing and revising.

The benefits of our approach are:

  • We complement the client’s skills by bringing a different set of skills and experiences.
  • Since we are independent, we can ask the hard questions and provide objective advice.

Understanding Finance

Understanding and using financial information to assist in decision-making is key to business success. Finance Simplified will improve your financial literacy and business acumen so that you understand the impact of business decisions on revenue, profits and cash. LEARN MORE


Seminars & Workshops

Financial Management Workshop

Digital Marketing Strategy  Workshop

Franchising – 2020 and beyond

Successful Retail Management

Team Building & Productivity

Performance Management, Retention and Reward

Trend Analysis & Its Impact on Your Business Planning & Strategy

Creating Exceptional Customer Service

Contact Nawal to have him host a workshop or speak at your event.


One-On-One Coaching

We will help you join the hundreds of business owners that the coaching programs listed below have helped to successfully increase their profits, improve their business, and reach their professional and personal goals.

Phase 1:  Building a Solid Base

Phase 2:  Empower Your Business

Phase 3:  Grow Your Business

Phase 4:  Making a Real Difference


Retail Solutions

In today’s very competitive retail environment retailers need to be proactive. They also need to be able to adapt to changing situations and be aware of the latest trends in retailing in order to remain competitive. We focus on the key elements and components involved in a retail business as well as the practical issues that surround retailing. Some of these issues include:

  • Store location
  • Store front, layout and interior design
  • Customer demographics – knowing who your customers are and how they buy
  • The right kinds of products to sell
  • Selecting suppliers
  • Merchandise hierarchy – the right mix, stock turnover rates, etc.
  • Managing stock and limiting shrinkage
  • Setting the correct price
  • Planning markdowns and price changes
  • Developing a marketing communication plan
  • Integrating all of the above into a comprehensive and practical plan.