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Mission: We are dedicated to the Non-for-Profit Organizations (NFP) and to the Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). We focus in analysing your current business operational and reporting processes in order to tailor an integrated operational and reporting model to increase business productivity and efficiency including a review of the business compliance obligations.


We can offer you our Accounting and Bookkeeping services via one of three ways listed below:

1. We can store the accounting and bookkeeping records on your computer.

If you prefer we can come onsite to your company and enter transactions on your computer. Alternatively if you can provide us with remote access via VPN connection, we can work on your files and store them on your computer. LEARN MORE

2. We can store the accounting and bookkeeping records on our computer.

If you would like us to store the records for you, this can be arranged as well by providing us with access to your Cheque Book(s), Deposit Bank Book, Remittance Advises, Tax Invoices, Bills, Bank & Credit Card Statements and any other relevant documentation for the processing period. Once we finished processing that transaction we will return the original document to you with the required financial reports. LEARN MORE

3. Outsourcing.

This option will require a VPN connection and/or scanning your documents and converting them in a PDF file that will be sent us by email. The financial generated reports will be sent to your company in a PDF file and a hard copy with our comments will be sent to your business either in person or by registered post as agreed in advance. LEARN MORE


  • To help Non-for-Profit Organizations (NFP) and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) in simplifying their business processes and assisting then in planning their business operational and financial activities.
  • Improving their reporting system and business compliance obligations.
  • Mentoring and Training Staff in specific areas.

We are focus in providing Business Consultancy services to small and medium companies and non-for profit organizations in order to provide an efficient, accurate and reliable consultancy service at affordable cost, tailored to your company needs. Our solution is based in outsourcing company financials that includes: Accounting, Bookkeeping & Financial/Management Accounting in order to reduce the overhead costs associated with this in-house service. Depends on your selected option, your company will send to us the accounting/financial records to be processed and these transactions to be updated onto your Accounting Software. The required reports and their frequency would be agreed in advance. VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection and/Dropbox or emailing PDF records are the best option in terms of speed, readability, secure control and cost.