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Blue Crane Investments is a Business-to-Business marketing platform for small and medium size businesses. We help businesses to grow and unlock their true potential.


About Gurshion Arends –

I am a very serious person, but humble. I am also a very hard worker, who go after what I want. I also look at the big picture and sometimes forget the detail in many things. I like to set big goals and objectives, but at the same time I use the MBO (Management By Objectives) princples by the management guru, Dr Peter Drucker


Our Services

Business Coaching & Mentoring
Business Advice & Counselling
Business Incubation & Excellerator
Business Profitability Coaching
Business Growth Management Strategies
Business Planning & Feasibility Studies
Business Evaluations & Enterprise Risk Management
Due Dilligence Studies
Strategic Planning & Negotiations
Productivity & Quality Improvement
Accounting & Bookkeeping Services