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Is your business or someone you know’s business struggling to make sales or convert more sales? allow us at united nations consulting to help. Message us for a free strategy session today!



We are an international Business consultancy based in the UK and US.


What We Do:

We provide client businesses with the following services Business planning and development, Recruitment, HR, Non profit Consulting, Grant writing, Sales force development, Business strategy ( Sales and Marketing mainly), Investor pitching, Agency Service (we provide a service where we act as agents on behalf of our client company to supply them with clients and or products)


What we Charge (negotiable):

A Management Fee Billed monthly ( includes, phone calls, administration, documents sent/received on behalf of clients, general consulting and the like) An hourly rate for any work conducted on behalf of a client in one month (includes creation of any document for clients, recruitment, specialist consulting ( sales, Marketing, Non profit), Pitching, contacting potential clients as agency for our clients, and the like)


How we work:

Once our proposal is accepted by a client our NDA, Engagement Letter, and Authorisation letter (if needed) will be sent electronically for online signing through Zoho Sign. Once signed we will sign the documents our end. Upon signature the management fee will be due immediately and any work will begin. Billable hours are logged through Zoho Books and Zoho Projects, whichever is more applicable at the time. We invoice on the last working day of each month for billed hours and we take payment 7 days into the new month.