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300 Mount Joy Road, Milford, New Jersey 08848
About Us

Oaktree Consulting is a company designed to offer impact, value and growth opportunity for small businesses and individuals through personalized website, branding and project management solutions. Whether you are just getting started or a small business that is ready to take things to the next level, we are committed to your success.

Oaktree Consulting was formed by Chris Detore who noticed a high demand from small businesses and individuals who want to grow and find success, but do not want to take on the risk of excessive overhead, pay top dollar for corporate marketing / management consulting firms, or get sucked in to mainstream ‘set it and forget it’ subscription services.

Through Oaktree, Chris along with his network of peers have been able to provide dynamic marketing, project management and branding strategies as partners committed to their client’s success that goes beyond the stuffy one size fits all approaches.

Our culture is one of flexibility, innovation and value. It’s about common sense, real world approaches that break the mold.

The truth is that scalable, healthy growth is possible and we can help you get there with lean and practical solutions that provide huge impact.