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Recruitment training for your recruiters, managers and directors.

Create your branded recruitment Learning Management System and upskill everyone in your business.



Still running your internal recruitment training on spreadsheets?

There is a better way…



Onboard & develop

Learn from over 60 leading industry experts from a library of 700+ videos, covering all competencies of recruitment training, from trainee right through to management and leadership.



Make it your own

Brand and customise the recruitment training LMS to your company, including the ability to privately add unlimited amounts of your own content free of charge to blend with ours.



Design career pathways

Structure your learning & development for each individual in your business, to lead them onto a path towards expertise and mastery in your recruitment business.



Educate your clients & candidates

Invite your clients and candidates to an external LMS and provide them specific learning items and your own content, such as interview preparation.