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Warranty Consultant Industry Expert | Father & Husband | Investor


Mr. McCusker formerly served as President and Senior Consultant in the Warranty Industry.

As the founder of McCusker Consulting in 1998 McCusker grew and revolutionized 3 independent corporations by launching innovative products and leveraging the use of technology to reduce the cost of call center operations. McCusker sold two of the entities to a credit card processing corporation.

Prior to starting the warranty companies, Mr. McCusker. served in a variety of roles for Warrantech Corporation and additional worked as an independent consultant to Lloyds of London.

McCusker was also a decorated United States Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer. In his military career, he worked in many nations located in the Mediterranean and Central Europe. His past experience allowed him the opportunity to work with many companies and law firms worldwide.

Always making advances even when most people fail, don’t stop, get up and do better next time. The field of the elite is small, don’t try do!