The Five Generic Competitive Strategies

This course will equip you with knowledge and skills to take into account the strategic capability of a business and the expectations of stakeholders in crafting a full proof strategic growth plan.

Learn about:

  • Methods of strategy development through internal resources, acquisition and alliances
  • Success criteria for strategic choices – suitability, acceptability and feasibility
  • Techniques to evaluate strategic options

Plus, learn about:

  • Motives for strategies. Fitting strategies to a changing business environment
  • Stretching and exploiting organisational resources and competencies
  • Meeting expectations deriving from cultural and political contexts

Businesses that formulate strategy based on the strategic capability of their business and expectations of stakeholders outperform their competitors by 60%. By the end of the program you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of the five generic strategies in business ensuring a business’ growth strategy is realistic, meaning and achievable.
  • Have the training and techniques to protect and build a business with confidence.
  • Have the tools and techniques to deliver modified or new products to existing markets and offer existing products to new markets.
  • Have the templates and tools to diversify a company’s strategy to take the organisation away from both its current markets and products.

Delivery Method

Online Webinar: Three two hour sessions

Live: 1 full day event

Support Mentoring, review and critiquing: Monthly individual sessions 3 months

Five Generic Competitive Strategies 1

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