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Are you forgetting something? 1

What am I going to stop doing when I start using your product?


I often meet business coaches, B2B consultants and product salespeople who never forget to tell me about the latest process or product they have implemented in a business. When implementing a new process or product, I often hear about all the new things business owners, managers and CEOs are going to be able to do with it. How exciting that they are going to do this and that, that’s going to propel their business towards its intended direction. Exciting!

But are we forgetting a something? Are we forgetting a fundamental question when we’re implementing this new service or product? What are people going to stop doing once they start using your new process or product? Tell me, are you clear about what your new process or product replaces? How did people do the job before and what are they switching from?

I find that when implementing a new software tool or service based process, the hardest thing for people to do is let go of their old ways of doing things. The fear of the unknown takes control and processes and tools are run in parallel with the old – not giving the new product or process the full attention required.  These fears or bonds are incredibly hard to overcome but is essential. You must break that bond.

So, when I think about selling my product or implementing a new business process, I often think about what is replaces, not just what it offers. Be clear about what you’re asking business owners, managers and CEOs to leave behind when they move forward with your product or service. Tell them just how hard it is going to be and then help them to overcome everything that holding them back.


Sam Lee Mohan
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