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Did you know that you can create the behavioural norms as to how you would like to do business with StratPlan? Yes, I’m talking about Company Value…

All successful companies have developed a statement of core values to accentuate management’s expectation that the values be reflected when conducting company business and the behaviour of company personnel. Company values (sometimes referred to as core values) are the beliefs, traits and behavioural norms that business owners, managers and CEOs determine to guide the pursuit of the company’s vision and mission. Usually companies articulate between four and eight core values that staff at all levels are expected to display and is mirrored in the company as it conducts its business.

When evaluating the strength of your Company Values it is fundamental you avoid “window-dressing” values or values that suggest your company is in “vogue” with itself. Your values should drive executives and staff to “walk-the-talk” and that they all can be held accountable for embodying the stated values in their behaviour.

When you use StratPlan in your business, you are empowered to evaluate your existing company values or craft new values in under 4 minutes; making it simple for you to incorporate the “do” and “don’t” principles for great value statements.  There are just a few steps when crafting a new or evaluating an existing values statement…5 to be exact.

  1. Click Company Values
  2. Click Values Statement 1
  3. Type in or copy & paste your Company Values statement
  4. Click the check boxes to select the evaluation principles that describe your Company Values Statement
  5. If the strength of your statement is weak, then amend the statement to either select or deselect a principle.

That’s it…you’re done! In under 4 minutes.

Here’s how it works…


Five steps. All you need to do is Click Company Values, insert your statement and evaluate its strength. Here’s a secret too. You don’t even need to click Save to save your plan. StratPlan automatically saves your changes.

P.S. Curious about other features to help in the strategy making process? Go to our useful help videos or send us a message, we’d love to help.


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Create & Evaluate Your Company Values in 4 Minutes Or Less 1


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Create & Evaluate Your Company Values in 4 Minutes Or Less 2

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Create & Evaluate Your Company Values in 4 Minutes Or Less 3

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Create & Evaluate Your Company Values in 4 Minutes Or Less 4


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