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Do You Really Know The Brutal Facts In Your Company? 1


Are you ready to hear the truth? Are you ready to face the truth? Often enough executives and top management have a certain charismatic flair. Whilst charisma is good, it also masks the truth. It suppresses the truth from ever getting to you. Have you ever stopped to think about whether the truth is getting to? Have you ever wondered if your team is hiding the truth from you and why?

When Winston Churchill maintained a brave and unwavering vision that Britain would prevail as a great nation. Churchill then famously exclaimed to destroy Hitler in an unwavering, towering and charismatic way.  But Churchill knew that his charismatic personality may deter bad news from reaching him in its simplest and unpolished form. Are you a Churchill in your organisation?

Churchill confronted this brutal fact. He understood that a strength could indeed be a weakness. So, Churchill created a separate department that was outside the normal chain of command – called the Statistical Office with the primary function of feeding him the truth, the most brutal facts of reality.

There is a fundamental lesson to all executives and top management in Churchills’ story to confront the brutal facts and understand that charisma can deter the brutal facts from reaching you. Who can you rely on to give you the truth? What can you do to ensure the brutal facts reach you in its starkest form?

At GBC, we’ve created our own Statistical Office to ensure that we are confronted with the BRUTAL FACTS

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Do You Really Know The Brutal Facts In Your Company? 2

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