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How We Got A 20% Bump In Our Conversion Rate 1


We got a 20% bump in our conversion rate last month. I thought I would share with some very small but highly effective adjustments I made to get a 20% bump in our conversion rate. So, our marketing pages were converting well but now it’s converting even better. It was a matter of simply going through the copy we already had and making it great for the words that customers were already using. Here are some changes we made from the old marketing pages to the new pages on our website.

We have been studying how people use StratPlan, our best customers, how they talked about StratPlan, what they use it for. We did that because when we built StratPlan in 2015 we didn’t have a really great grasp of who our core customer really is; was the core customer like us – the people that created StratPlan or has that completely changed. So, we done interviews and got some awesome feedback which was great. We got a ton of insight to how people talk about our product, what they use it for but now we had to go through and bring that to our marketing approach and StratPlan. The marketing pages on our site will have a huge new design soon but immediately, I wanted to take some steps to change somethings to see what happens.

So, in the old site, we had just the logo, sign-in box, kind of a main headline, a sub-headline, and then it just goes through some features and then more copy. Right above the fold some of the big changes I made, you know, reasonably said “Simple Strategic Planning Tool for Small Businesses That Help Your Business Become More Efficient”. So, people called us the simple strategic planning tool, the straight forward strategic planning tool, we’re streamlined so instead of using a lot of words to describe that we are a simple strategic planning tool, I just went with Simple Strategic Planning. Enterprise SEO can get the point across and unlock who we are in fewer words which is very close to what people appreciate us for.

We used to say your current strategy does not do too much for business growth and efficiency and other strategic planning software tries to do too much. We changed that to “Craft Strategy, Grow Your Business – In Days Not Months”. So, the two killer features people kept talking to us about where StratPlan is simple to use and cuts the planning process to days. Before we were wishy-washy talking about analysing business environments mostly and company strengths and weaknesses which were the domain language, kind of, in our app but clearly not what most people really talk about…we’re “business growth” not “business analysis”, we’re “business efficiency” not “analytical tools”. So, our sub-headline is just the two killer features and really the killer benefit which is “craft strategy in days, not months”, you’re not going to spends month planning, you’re not going to undertake tons of research, you’re not going to need months of training, you’re just going to like the instant set up and craft strategy in days, features. We said, “everything in your account is safe, secure and password protected”. I instead used that space to say, “your plans are stored on your desktop, so your trade secrets are safe in your hands”.  This is more the language and benefits people are after. That’s more just a clever way to just talk about security when people really want to know that they don’t have worry about their business strategy falling in the wrong hands and that they don’t have to learn about strategic planning to use StratPlan.

So that’s it for now, we got a bunch of other stuff coming but we got a 20% bump with a few small adjustments so I’m thrilled and this mostly was pretty easy just taking language from these interviews and refreshing our copy to reflect those things versus the words we chose to use when we originally created StratPlan and our marketing page.


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How We Got A 20% Bump In Our Conversion Rate 2

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How We Got A 20% Bump In Our Conversion Rate 3

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How We Got A 20% Bump In Our Conversion Rate 4

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