The Holy Grail Of A Consulting Business Opportunity


What is the unique proposition of Global Business Consultants Partner business opportunity? We will start by briefly describing the difference between a franchise and a business opportunity. As a rule of thumb, a franchise receives more support from the parent company, gets to use the trademarked name, and is more stringently controlled by the franchisor. The franchisee incurs initial fees, and ongoing royalty payments. Business opportunities, on the other hand, don’t receive as much support from the parent company, generally aren’t offered the use of a trademarked name, and are independent of the parent company’s operational guidelines.

Our Partner business opportunity is a hybrid of the traditional business opportunity and a franchise. Global Business consultants offers: MBAs, strategic planning professionals, management graduates, or anybody with a knack for strategic planning, anywhere in the world, a turnkey business opportunity. Our turnkey business opportunity gives you everything you could possibly need to start a consulting business in Strategic Planning. You do not need to rent expensive offices and equipment to get started. We provide online training, complete marketing material and templates, a detailed 66 page Partner operating manual, StratPlan – our strategic planning software tool and easy access to our support team.

When you Partner with Global Business Consultants, your company name, logo and how it’s legally operated are left solely to you. Your business will not be a trademarked outlet for Global Business Consultants, so you have complete control. However, we recommend the use Global Business Consultants as your trading name (not registered name) and for you to use all of our branding and material. Unlike a franchise, we will never charge you a fee and your revenue is 100% yours to keep.

There are many advantages of Partnering with Global Business Consultants. Here are our top 5 main advantages.

1. Zero initial investment fees. Although the number of low-investment franchises has increased, the fee to get into our business opportunity is unmatched. The only cost to Partners is the annual software licence fee to use StratPlan. The cost of StratPlan is the same for those people that just want to use StratPlan in their business as it is for Partners.

2. A proven system of operation and strategic planning process. Our existing system serves to maximize efficiency and returns with minimal problems. Our model is simply a passing on of experience, and we are the best teachers.

3. Extensive training material and regular updated material. Unlike traditional business and franchise opportunities where a lot of time and money are consumed during the learning period, our Partner business opportunity eliminates the majority of ineffective moves through our online training material and operating manual.

4. Better financing options. Because of our zero initial investment Partners will not have to take-out massive loans and worry about debt repayments. You could finance your business using your current day-job income or take a small loan of a few hundred bucks from a family member or friend.

5. No ongoing royalties. In our business opportunity, unlike in a franchise, there are no ongoing royalties to pay to us. The profits are all yours.

So, if want to start your own business, why not give us a try. You have nothing to lose except an opportunity to run you own, highly profitable, consulting business!


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