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How much work you need to do to get a constant flow of innovative products?


It only takes us twenty-four hours to pitch an idea. Roughly a day or so for contemplation and a rough sketch to present the concept to management and the team that’ll be taking on the work. Zero engineering work is done ahead of time, and the only design work is the rough sketch. We have one or two people that work on strategy each month on a rotation basis. The rough concept is done by these one or two people and each concept takes roughly two days.


We do consult engineering ahead of time to figure what can realistically be achieved in the time and scope. We limit projects to time and scope rather than ‘what’s possible’, because today, pretty much anything’s possible. Projects are generally delivered in eight weeks, therefore we are looking at what’s realistic in that time frame. In the space of a one to two-hour workshop, multiple options or approaches are thought off. It’s then up to the team that’ll be working on the project to decide which one to take given the constraints.


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How much time do you need to innovate? 1


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How much time do you need to innovate? 2

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How much time do you need to innovate? 3

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How much time do you need to innovate? 4


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Is this really free?

Absolutely. Just sharing some experience that we hope you’ll find useful. Keep us in mind next time you have strategic planning questions.

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