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“Keep Everyone on the same page with a well-crafted strategic Plan”


Ever found yourself up to your elbows in customer complaints, staff queries, rework and ultimately, inefficiency?  You’re informally creating objectives and blindly navigating through industry challenges, scribbling down things to do and wondering how you are going to charter the course of your business – thinking to yourself “there must be a better way to do this”. Truth be told, there probably is…you just don’t know it yet. To truly be in control of navigating through challenges, keeping all your staff on the same page and eliminating inefficiency, you need to get better at formal strategic planning than simply forming action plans in your head. Here’s where this free strategic planning tool comes in. Whether you like to improve staff morale, drive efficiencies, or grow your business, this simple strategic planning template will help you get started.

To get started, you can define your company’s vision, mission, core values, company goals and strategic objectives – a perfect way to keep your entire company on the same page and pulling in the same direction. Next, you will craft actions against each strategic objective and assign them to responsible managers, team leaders, supervisors and employees to ensure your business is moving in the intended direction. Finally, you can track performance and make any adjustments in-light-of actual or new information.  We’ve included an ‘impact’ column so that you can assign a level of importance against each action.

In this strategic planning template, you’ll be able to:

  • Craft a vision, mission, company objectives and core values
  • Examine your organizational purpose and competencies
  • Input your company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Insert actions against strategic objectives
  • Monitor performance against objectives





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