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Live Webinar: GBC Partner Business Model & A StratPlan Masterclass


We had an epic hour-and-a-half session with our Partners during our live webinar. In this webinar I covered GBC’s Partner Business Model where I discussed Partners’ strategic plan, business plan, value proposition and much more that is offered, free of charge, to anyone that partners with us to run their own independent strategic planning consulting business.

One of the highlights in this first session was when I talked about how our Partner Business Model differs from other traditional consulting businesses. I went on to explain that business owners, managers, and CEOs value: price, organisational research, industry research required, company strategy intrusiveness, organisational type & size coverage, global coverage ability, planning simplicity, strategic planning methodology, use of tacit knowledge, and use of industry accepted analytical tools. I then went on to explain just how GBC have developed a business model that differentiates itself from other traditional consulting businesses, against each of these value components. Essentially, our differentiation is the fundamental reason why our Partner Business Offering is fast becoming the worlds best “Strategic Planning Consulting Business-In-a-Box” offer.

In the second part of the webinar, I delivered a StratPlan masterclass. In this session I walked our Partners through step-by-step how to craft strategy using StratPlan. StratPlan is our super awesome strategic planning tool that guides the entire planning process and cuts down the planning process from months to days. StratPlan is how we are able to differentiate our offering against the clients value components.

Do yourself a solid and watch the webinar. The content has been developed and delivered with YOU in mind. Fire your boss! Start living your dreams! 

Here’s a recording of the live webinar.



I hope you enjoy this video. Please leave me your comments here or shoot me an email with any questions you may have. Here’s my email address sam@globalbusinessconsulants.com.au

Sam Lee Mohan
How to  Run Your Own Consulting Business and Use StratPlan Like A Pro! 1

Your future starts here. Partner With Us and run your own consulting business the way you want to, working the hours you want to! 


How to  Run Your Own Consulting Business and Use StratPlan Like A Pro! 2

 Download our eBook “How To Start a Million Dollar Company In Four Steps”


How to  Run Your Own Consulting Business and Use StratPlan Like A Pro! 3


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